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Great Infrastructure and Security of VEXXHOST Cloud Servers

Any entity whether it is company, institute or even country, the infrastructure is always considered to be the face of the entity. Company, Institute or country is known for its state of the art infrastructure to rely on. VEXXHOST Cloud Servers has always given top priority to its infrastructure whether it is technical equipment, physical environment or civil works of the company. 

VEXXHOST web hosting company is one of the leading web hosting companies that is providing world class web hosting Cloud Servers to its customer round the world. This company is located in Canada and headquartered at Montreal area of Quebec Province of Canada. It has also office in New York City of United States of America. The civil infrastructures of this company are world class with state of the art data centers in compliance with international standards. These data warehouses are well equipped with all types of civil needs necessary for hygienic environment and safety regulations. It has great level of redundancy to provide satisfaction to the customer about their valuable data to be stored in these data centers. The data centers are physically and logically redundant in natures to keep the integrity and safety of the data at top priority.

VEXXHOST implements great level of cooperate security rules and regulation to keep the environment free of any sort of mishap, burglary or any other incident of fire or theft to all their Cloud Servers. The collocations are properly secured physically and logically through world class measures of physical and logical security. The redundancy in power system is also implemented on the collocations with backup batteries and diesel generators to provide full power security in any critical conditions caused by any uneven situations. A great physical security and fire systems are implemented to cope with any untoward situation caused by natural catastrophe or act of god whatsoever.

After civil infrastructure, the equipment is major stakeholder in provision of world class services to the customers. Cloud Servers and all other equipment used by VEXXHOST web hosting company is world class. Providers of the equipment are the giants in the field of information technology and telecommunication like Cisco Systems, Intel, Dell, Citrix and many others. The equipment provided by these vendors does not need any certificate of class or quality. These provide world class equipment, which is well known and verified though the ages of technical use. Cisco system equipment provides not only mission critical security but also provide high level of uptime and the best features. Dell and Intel are also matchless in their own domains of businesses. So the quality is not compromised by all above mentioned vendors.

Another crucial thing about the infrastructure of VEXXHOST web hosting company is the state of art good looking corporate offices and customer centers located both in Canada and United States. They are beautiful looking offices to work in. Working environment is world class and everybody puts his/her maximum effort to give best results.

VEXXHOST is not second to any other web hosting company in this domain. It is considered to be one of the best infrastructure company of this field of business.


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