Amazon Strongly Focuses on Cloud Desktop Cloud Computing Offering Next

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Amazon AWS always leads from the front as far as the cloud computing services are concerned; it is the cloud desktop’s turn next.

Amazon AWS, the giant provider of cloud computing services offers a vast product portfolio in the domain of cloud computing services. The product range of the AWS is counted in the hundreds – and it is expanding on a regular basis. But, the big things always make the difference; this time, Cloud Desktop is a big thing for the Amazon product portfolio. This service has already been launched in the beta version many months back in the November 2013, but the commercial potentials have not been exploited to its fullest till now.

According to the comments made by the technical evangelist of the Amazon cloud computing service provider, Mr. Ian Massingham, the next big thing for the AWS is the cloud desktop, which has already been launched in beta with the product name “AWS WorkSpaces”. Although, other competitors have already broken into the virtual desktop Interface VDI market, but still the war of opportunities is open for all. The AWS WorkSpace would be commercially launched aggressively to counter the front runners’ business moves.

While talking about the Virtual Desktop Inteface VDI commitment of AWS in his statement, the AWS evangelist Massingham said, “There are already hundreds of users running EC2 instances – so we see a lot of interest from customers who want to run a lot of desktops using AWS.” As far as the features and capabilities of this cloud computing based service is concerned, the AWS is very careful and cautious before its commercial launch of the service. In another statement, the company clearly maintained that, “It’s not enough to have just a fast, powerful client; you also need to have the global network that can cope with moving the data from these huge apps”.

While talking about the market segment for this futuristic cloud computing service of AWS, the company evangelist Massingham said, “When you look at what we can offer now, we are talking about here are the sort of features that used to be the preserve of the very large banks and financial houses.” Here at AWS an organization like me, an individual, can have access to the same sort of infrastructure. So what we are seeing is a sort of democratization effect where these high level constructs are available to small or medium sized organizations” he added further.