Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Provider C7 Secures $25 Million for Utah Data Centers Expansion on Oct. 04, 2012: Cloud hosting infrastructure provider company C-7 data centers has secured an amount of as much as $25 million in the form of debt and equity funding by partnering with two financial companies; these companies are Signal Peak Ventures and MCG Capitals. This was announced by C-7 cloud hosting and data center infrastructure […] Read more »

Atlanta Metro Starts Cloud Tool to Connect to Amazon Cloud Hosting Services on Oct. 01, 2012: Atlanta metro communications is a data center services and communication provider to the cloud hosting and web hosting companies. It has announced on Friday September 28, 2012 that it has partnered with giant cloud hosting service provider Amazon to launch it Cloud tool called ‘CloudDirect’ for its valuable enterprise customers to get […] Read more »

Scality Cloud Storage Technological Firm to Join Cloud Builder Program of Intel Inc on Sep. 28, 2012: Cloud storage and cloud hosting technological solution provider company ‘Sacality’ has announced that it is going to join the cloud builder program of Intel Corporation. This announcement was made to public on Wednesday September 26, 2012 through a press release statement issued by the company management. Cloud builder project of Intel Corporation […] Read more »

IBM to Launch Its Cloud Hosting Services in Highly Competitive market on Sep. 27, 2012 :  Cloud hosting services provider market is one of the most competitive markets at present across the globe. There are many companies that are already operating in this domain and hundreds of others are ready to enter into this arena of fast paced business. The major reasons of such competitiveness is […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Savvis Host Starts Its New Data Center at Frankfurt Germany on Sep. 26, 2012 : Savvis cloud hosting provider has started its new and state of the art data center in Frankfurt city of Germany. This was announced by the company management on Monday September 25, 2012. With the start of this new data center in European content, the company would be in good position to […] Read more »

Third Phase of London Data Center Started By Equinix Cloud Hosting & Collocation Provider on Sep. 25, 2012 : Third phase of the state of the art data center of Equinix cloud hosting and collocation service provider has been started from last week. This was announced by the company in a statement on Monday September 24, 2012. This new and state of art data center named as LD5 international business […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Vendor ‘Scality’ Releases CDMI Server DewPoint on Sep. 21, 2012 : Cloud hosting and cloud storage vendor ‘Scality’ has announced on Wednesday September 19, 2012 that it has released its latest version of Cloud Management and Data Interface server dew point this week. The newly released cloud management interface server is very attractive because it does not lock-in the cloud hosting and […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting and Data Center Operator Nominates Keith Olsen as Member to Board of Directors on Sep 20, 2012: Former president and CEO of switching and data business Mr. Keith Olsen has been nominated as the member to board of directors of data center and cloud hosting provider Fiber Media Group. This was announced by the group on Wednesday September 19, 2012 through official statement. Earlier than this move Mr. Christopher […] Read more »

FireHost Secure Cloud Hosting Receive an Amount of $10 Million in Series C Funding on Sep 18, 2012 : Secure cloud hosting provider company FireHost secures as much as $10 million as series C funding. This entire amount was achieved by existing investors of the company; these investors include Stephen Groups and Original Angel investors. This announcement was made by the company management on Tuesday September 18, 2012 through a […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Market Adopting Green Data Centers Very Rapidly to Cross $45 Billion by 2016 – Pike Study Reports on Sep 17, 2012 : Like every other domain of industry and businesses, cloud hosting market is also embracing green energy and other standards to curtail the green house gases and make the environment more viable and healthy for our future. This was disclosed by the research and study company in the field of technologies called […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting and Data Center Solution Provider Stream Data Appoints Vice President for Its Project Management Department on Sep 16, 2012 : Cloud hosting and data center solutions provider Stream Data announced on Thursday September 13, 2012 that they are going to appoint Mr. Chris Kincaid as the vice president for company’s project management department. This new appointment has been made to expand the operation of cloud hosting and data solutions in the […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Provider Nirvanix Nominates Tina Gravel as Vice President Worldwide Sales on September 11, 2012 : Highly experienced professional in the domain of cloud services sales Tina Gravel has been appointed as the vice president worldwide sales at Nirvanix cloud hosting company to strengthen the international sales in this domain. This appointment is in the continuation of Nirvanix hosting to expand their international footprints in cloud hosting […] Read more »

Dell Corporation Enters into Cloud Hosting Market by Entering in Partnership with Nirvanix Host on September 11, 2012 : Cloud hosting domain is becoming more and more attractive for giant IT vendors like HP, Dell and others. After HP entered into the cloud hosting business to provide full cloud storage services to the customers of many partners and resellers, Dell corporation tapped into the cloud storage market by signing a […] Read more »

HP to Improve Its Private Cloud Portfolio by Converging Microsoft Solutions & Joint HP solution on September 10, 2012 : HP Company is expanding its convergence with Joint HP and Microsoft Windows server 2012 to improve its private cloud hosting portfolio. HP cloud infrastructure would be converged with latest technologies from Microsoft so that a competitive and efficient cloud hosting platform can result on the market place. This was announced by […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting and Managed Service Provider BT Global Services to Launch Its Services in Brazil & Columbia on September 10, 2012 : Managed Services and cloud hosting service provider BT global Services Company has announced on Friday September 7, 2012 that they are going to start two important cloud based services for Latin American countries. These major cloud hosting services would be available and managed from Brazil and Columbia. This is […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting & Managed Service Provider Online Tech Offers PCI Compliant Cloud Services on Sep. 07, 2012 : Cloud hosting and managed service Provider Company Online Tech has announced that it has got its cloud hosting platform compliant with payment card industry or PCI standard. This was announced by Online Tech Company on Wednesday September 4, 2012. It was further informed that they have got their cloud platform audited […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting & Data Center Infrastructure Provider Equinix to Sell Its 16 USA Based Data Centers to an Investment Group on Sep 06, 2012 : Cloud hosting and data center infrastructure provider Equinix is planning to sell its 16 international business exchange data centers spread across the United States of America to a group of investment companies. These investment companies are Main 365, Housatonic partners, and Crosslink Capitals. The deal is finalized for an amount of […] Read more »

NetHosting Provider Updates Its Cloud Hosting Solutions to Improve Security and Performance on Sep. 06, 2012 : NetHosting cloud hosting company has announced on Thursday August 31, 2012 that they have updated and improved their cloud hosting solutions especially virtual cloud hosting to enhance the network security and performance for their valuable cloud hosting customers. They have improved many components of the network including hardware and software. The components […] Read more »

Many Cloud Hosting Companies Struggle with Cloud Security Issues – Trend Micro Survey Report on Sep. 05, 2012 : Cloud security is the major concern of majority cloud hosting companies in spite of the fact that a substantial improvements have already been made on this domain of business. This was revealed by the annual survey conducted by Trend Micro Company. The survey results were made public on Sunday September 2, […] Read more »

Managed Service & Cloud Hosting Provider Amsterdam Internet Exchange to Collocate Its New POP in Equinix Data Center on Sep 05, 2012 : Equinix collocation and interconnectivity Provider Company has announced on Tuesday this week through a press release statement that cloud hosting company Amsterdam Internet Exchange would collocate its new point of presence POP in its newly build Amsterdam data center. It was further informed in the press release statement that this contract […] Read more »