Cloud Hosting & Data Center Infrastructure Provider Equinix to Sell Its 16 USA Based Data Centers to an Investment Group on Sep 06, 2012 : Cloud hosting and data center infrastructure provider Equinix is planning to sell its 16 international business exchange data centers spread across the United States of America to a group of investment companies. These investment companies are Main 365, Housatonic partners, and Crosslink Capitals. The deal is finalized for an amount of […] Read more »

Local Data Center Launched in Philippines by IP-Converge Cloud Hosting Services on July 05, 2012 : It was announced on Wednesday July 04, 2012 that IP Convergence Data and cloud hosting service Provider Company has started its local data center in Philippines. This local data center was established to provide efficient, smooth, reliable, and the best quality services to its enterprise clients in Philippines. […] Read more »

Equinix Cloud Hosting Invest $ 28.5 Million in Expansion of Singapore Data Center on June 19, 2012 : Equinix is one of the most popular cloud hosting companies in Asia Pacific region. It was announced by this company yesterday that they are investing as much as $ 28.5 million to expand its Singapore data centre capacity to cater the future demands and competitiveness of this cloud hosting business. They […] Read more »