Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing [funny] English subtitles

This is a funny Subtitled interview of former IT [income tax] commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta . He tells how rain affects Cloud computing . It’s really stupid and Hilarious!! Original video here – Subtitles are almost accurate . Enjoy 🙂
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Question by Karthikeyan: Can anybody tell me about “CLOUD COMPUTING” plz..?

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Answer by Tony Montana

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Question by paladin: Do people have “cloud computing” abilities ? Is this “soul” ?

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Question by tefa: Is there any relation between multicore and Cloud Computing ?
I was asked to talk about the “Effects of multi-core on cloud computing” ? are there any materials that might help me ?

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Answer by Nick
These two concepts have little to do with each other.

In general, cloud computing is doing your computing remotely, on computers you don’t own and don’t particularly know the location of, although if you like the concept but you’re a big company with trust issues you could put together your own cloud.

Multicore computers can do compute operations simultaneously. Multicore computers are often used for transaction processing, where you can use several lower-speed (cheaper) cores to handle several simultaneous transactions (symmetric multiprocessing).

Whether a CPU with multiple slower cores is “better” than a faster single-core CPU depends on what you want it to do. If no particular task requires a lot of CPU, then the more cores you have, the better.

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