FTC seeks research help from DEF CON hackers

The Federal Trade Commission made an appeal at DEF CON in Las Vegas last week in hopes of getting hackers to help them crack down on manufacturers and service providers that leave customers vulnerable.

Top of the list: ransomware, malvertising, networked cars and security for the internet of things.

Of particular interest in the case of IoT is preventing one device from compromising a consumer’s entire private network, says Lorrie Cranor, the FTC’s chief technologist.

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Hackers Uncloak GPS Attacks That Can Kill DJI Drones Or Bypass White House Ban

Researchers from Chinese security and app store giant Qihoo 360 show off a GPS spoofing attack on a DJI drone. They say it can be used to send users UAVs into non-fly zones. That includes the White House, which DJI designated a no-go area after a drunk federal employee crashed his own drone on the grounds in January.

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Hackers turn Square hardware into device to steal old credit card information



Just because the Square Reader is new doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to the same scams as old school ATMs and credit card readers.

Three recent Boston University graduates are preparing to publicly present research that demonstrates how to hack Square’s mobile payments hardware. The research is set to be shown off at the The Black Hat Security conference in Las Vegas this week.

The team said it discovered a way to steal credit card information using a modified Square magnetic stripe reader.

By tampering with the magstripe reader, the team was able to turn Square’s hardware into a credit card skimmer, a device that can be used to steal credit card informationThe modified reader doesn’t work with the proprietary Square app, but it could be used to steal credit card information using a custom-recording app, according to the team behind the hardware hack Read more…

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