FTC seeks research help from DEF CON hackers

The Federal Trade Commission made an appeal at DEF CON in Las Vegas last week in hopes of getting hackers to help them crack down on manufacturers and service providers that leave customers vulnerable.

Top of the list: ransomware, malvertising, networked cars and security for the internet of things.

Of particular interest in the case of IoT is preventing one device from compromising a consumer’s entire private network, says Lorrie Cranor, the FTC’s chief technologist.

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A new app wants to help you beat the credit card companies



Our increasingly automated world should make driving safer. It could also make things safer for your checkbook.

And just like with cars, it takes a healthy amount of trust to let the machines take over. 

“[It’s] kind of like a self driving car for your credit card,” said Jason Brown, cofounder of Tally.

Tally is a new app that offers the ability to automate your credit card payments, ensuring you’ll never again be hit with a late fee. 

A serial entrepreneur, Brown has already founded and sold three companies including Gen110, which provided solar panels to homeowners who had big energy bills.  Read more…

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Spotify launches ‘Mix Mates’ playlist generator to help friends find common musical ground

Spotify - MixMate

In its latest attempt to showcase its smart music-discovery algorithms, Spotify has launched a new web app designed to help friends unearth common grounds in their musical tastes.

With Mix Mates, Spotify says it’s targeting university students, presumably because term time normally begins around September, and music is often used to help people form new friendships in their inaugural year. However, anyone can use this tool.

To use Mix Mates, you enter both you and a friend’s favorite band, and Spotify generates a playlist which “shows the musical degree of separation” between the two artists.

Favorite Bands: Mix Mates

Above: Favorite Bands: Mix Mates

The number of tracks in the playlist mirror how many degrees of separate there are between the two artists (and thus between two friends), and it includes a song from each artist in the chain.

Save Playlist

Above: Save Playlist

Today’s launch comes a few weeks after the music-streaming giant launched a new app to show which artists you listened to before they made it big, except with Mix Mates you’re not required to link up with your Spotify account. You can listen to song samples and share playlists sans log-in, however to save the playlists for posterity you will need Spotify credentials.

While it could be construed as little more than a fun experiment, Mix Mates represents part of Spotify’s bigger vision to help its users unearth new music based on their existing tastes. Back in July, Spotify introduced a weekly playlist of recommended music based on listening habits, and this has generally been met with positive feedback from users.

Spotify’s growing music-recommendation initiatives are powered by the Echo Nest, a music-intelligence and data company it acquired last year.

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Cloud Computing Help Please?

Earlier this month, startup Nicira officially came out of stealth mode. The company launched its software, which is called the Network Virtualization Platform (NVP), in hopes of dramatically changing cloud computing. As Martin Casado, Nicira’s co-founder and CTO, explained to us, the software creates virtual networks in cloud data centers. It takes workloads and puts them in a world where everything they see is virtual, he continued. Although some reports have indicated that NVP could threaten companies such as Cisco, Juniper, and HP, Casado told us that Nicira was designed to tackle a different problem. Early customers of the platform include AT&T, eBay, Rackspace, and others, which all appear to be pleased with the software. According to Casado, Nicira will be virtualizing more services over the next few months.
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Question by Morgan[;: Cloud Computing Help Please?
I’m about to start learning about cloud computing in school and I need some help understanding it all. My teacher gave me the question “What role does the Internet play in cloud computing?” and I have no idea what cloud computing is so I can’t answer that. It would really help me out if you guys left some insight.

Thanks in advance,

Best answer:

Answer by OR1234
As usual, wikipedia says it better than I can…


Give your answer to this question below!
Question by : Difficulty in Understanding Cloud computing network architecture?please help…?
I have been reading a lot about cloud computing network architecture,but i am struggling to understand the whole and over-all network set-up…

As far as i have been understand it consists of 2 end’s front end and back end…

I had easily understood about the front end,in a example i have found using or accessing a e-mail
service is a best example for “front-end” of cloud computing..

But things are not easy for me in the “back-end” technology of cloud computing,

I am struggling to understand the back-end transactions of the cloud computing,

Because in the back-end i have seen some middleware componetns and Also about the central server administers the system etc…

Also the servers and network infrastructure of the cloud are being linked from all over the world to from a “cloud network”,
how is this possible?

In simple i am totally confused at the back-end side of the cloud computing
especially on about middlewares,Central server Administer system and About linking and mainting of the cloud network…

I hope some networking guru or some one with good network knowledge will clear my doubt,

Also if possible point me to some nice articles or e-books for understanding the back-end technology of the “cloud computing”
Have some questions for you
please edit in your answer or looking for some 1 else to answer this…

Where does the middleware present in the back-end ?

In the control node or in some where else?

Also i have seen in the internet that ,Cloud computing technology have been used by companies like google,But also i have readed that it also poses a lot of security risks,

how a secured cloud network can be designed?

Also in the back-end of the cloud how servers and pcs from all over the world have been linked to form a cloud network?

hope some will answer these edited questions…
Thanks for making the things clear,but still 3 of my questions remains un-answered?

As we know the datas are stored all over the place ,it poses one of the biggest threat to the network security,what kind of security mechanisms they use to reduce these kind of security at the back-end of the clod network?

Also where is the middleware located on the back-end model?

Best answer:

Answer by JoelKatz
Every computer that is part of a cloud’s back end is associated with a control node. The computer reports its availability to the control node.

When work needs to be done, the front-end also consults a control node. It reports what works it needs to be done, how it will be paid for (if appropriate) and so on. The control node then assigns back end machines to the job and routes the assignment to them.

The “middleware” generally refers to the protocols and software that implement the interaction between the control nodes and the back end machines that do the actual work. When a new back-end machine is added to the cloud, it’s middleware that begins assigning work to that machine.

You can think of the middleware as being like the cashier and the manager at a fast food restaurant. It takes your order, tells you how much to pay, and bills you. And it hands your order to the various people who make your food. When a new employee shows up, it tells them what to do. It opens the doors in the morning and locks them at night.

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Question by Paul N: Where is the best place to advertise IT services for NYC?
Hello all, I co-own an IT company (in the “cloud computing” space) in New York City. Is there a good place to advertise IT services targeting the NYC area for cheap? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Beauty
Get a website, sign up for Yahoo advertising, Pay $ 0.05 per visitor, Target NYC when advertising…

The cheapest way forward about this is to get a web hosting account which gives free advertising vouchers (link below, they give yahoo vouchers worth $ 25, google $ 25 and MIUA $ 25 ) This is after purchase of a web hosting which costs only $ 1.99 per month. You can use their free website builder to create a website by yourself..

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