HostingCon 2012 − Inbound Marketing and Partnership two Hot Topics for First Session on Monday

HostingCon 2012
HostingCon 2012 on July 17, 2012 : Cloud hosting people were talking about two major topics for increasing cloud hosting sales and services. Two major discussions were organized during the first session of Monday at HostingCon 2012. One session was led by Lance Crosby the chief executive officer of SoftLayer Company while other major session was lectured by Rebecca Corliss the marketing manager of Hubspot Company.

Speaking on the discussion session of “Partnerships Done Right”, Mr. Crosby given new visionary definition of cloud computing and its associated cloud hosting and web hosting services and said, “cloud computing is on-demand, consumption-based computing with APIs” He further drew from his experience and explained that how partnership plays a vital role in growth of cloud hosting business and also maintained that the future of cloud hosting would rely on the capability of the providers to shift and adapt the needs of the customers effectively.

Meanwhile, in another discussion Rebecca Corliss discussed about the inbound marketing and specially developing leads from social and other media. She further explained the draw backs and changing behavior of legacy marketing tools. She said, “There are 200 million people on the don’t call list in the US, 44 percent of people recycle trash of any mail piece they don’t expect, 86 percent skip ads, and 91 percent unsubscribe to any piece of content they don’t recognize of expect. All of these stats represent the shift in marketing and the growing importance of inbound marketing”

She further given some exciting inbound marketing figure and explained how people customer of cloud hosting or any other services are shifting their behavior in terms of taking impact of the marketing campaigns. She gave the features of inbound marketing of HubSpot Company; she said this is very dynamic and useful marketing software to draw leads from social media successfully for cloud hosting services.