HP to Improve Its Private Cloud Portfolio by Converging Microsoft Solutions & Joint HP solution

HP to Improve Its Private Cloud Portfolio
HP to Improve Its Private Cloud Portfolio

Cloudhostingtech.com on September 10, 2012 : HP Company is expanding its convergence with Joint HP and Microsoft Windows server 2012 to improve its private cloud hosting portfolio. HP cloud infrastructure would be converged with latest technologies from Microsoft so that a competitive and efficient cloud hosting platform can result on the market place. This was announced by HP Company in its press release statement last week.

Joint-HP includes reference architecture and pre integrated and optimized solutions; while the HP CloudSystem, which is optimized for Windows server 2012, comes with HP cloud management, HP Converged infrastructure, and Microsoft server 2012. This system would be available on the market place early next year. This new system would also be compatible with Microsoft system Center and HP Insight Management; this improves the experience of management of the customers. Now customers would be able to manage the infrastructures without switching between the different management consoles; and it would be managed comprehensively through single platform.

It was further informed through press release that both Microsoft Corporation and HP have invested a lot of funds for this partnered platform. This funding would be utilized in different activities of this project. These activities include incentives to the customers, demands generation, marketing, and training for deployment of the platform etc.

In a statement Mr. Michael Park, the corporate vice president, Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft Corporation said, “Because Windows Server 2012 was built from the cloud up; it represents a transformational leap for businesses. The HP Converged Cloud solutions with Windows Server 2012 give customers a clear path to go beyond virtualization and accelerate their journey to the cloud. With this private cloud agreement and more than 30 years of proven cooperation, HP and Microsoft are committed to helping customers drive success for their organizations as they experience the benefits of the cloud.”