A Cloud Platform Built on IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Manager Software

www.ibm.com A cloud platform built on IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Manager software with improved onboarding and offboarding security. Eric Maass with Lighthouse Security Group, and I am the director of security for Lighthouse. Lighthouse Security Group developed a cloud platform, known as Lighthouse Gateway, that’s largely built upon the Tivoli Identity and Access Management software. And it adds some of our own software to the equation that handles automation and governance technologies that helps the customer really exploit the power of the Tivoli products but without necessarily the specialized staff on premise that they would otherwise need to manage it. As part of the development process and the delivery process for our offering, it’s important that we collaborate and work very closely with the IBM Tivoli product development teams to make sure that concepts behind our customers’ requirements of using these products in the cloud are making their way back into the products themselves. We had a large consumer goods customer come to us, and largely their business driver was compliance and improving their security posture. They had trouble with their onboarding and offboarding processes for internal employees and customers and contractors. Lighthouse Security Group worked in collaboration with IBM to present the customer with an alternative to on-premise ownership of the identity and access management software that they sought to address their business needs
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