Idera is the New Name of R1Soft Cloud Hosting Sever Backup Services

Idera is the New Name of R1Soft Cloud Hosting Sever Backup Services
Idera is the New Name of R1Soft Cloud Hosting Sever Backup Services on August 18, 2012 : R1Soft cloud hosting server backup provider company has announced on Friday August 17, 2012 that they are now renaming their company with it new and innovative business notch “IDERA”. This was announced by the cloud hosting server backup company through a website announcement message associated with the vice president of server backup division of Idera Company Mr. David Wartell.

It was described in the statement that R1Soft Company services have been leader on the cloud hosting domain of business; they enjoyed great relationships with many cloud hosting provider companies and enterprises during last five years’ period. During this course of time, company earned great reputation and pride in serving their reputed clients on the market place. This all happened due to untiring and consistent hardworking of the company to achieve their business targets and goals.

It was also mentioned in the statement that company has decided to partner with Idera family to produce much better results for their hosting customers. It was also disclosed that they were in strong business relationship with Idera since last five years; they also termed this relationship as “best kept secret!” They are now strengthening this relationship even stronger and now they are naming their services as IDERA server backups.

It was further explained that this change would bring most effective and desirable results pertaining to services to the customers. In statement Mr. David Wartell said, “Think of it as a new paint job and a few upgrades—we’re the same high-performance sports car under the hood. We look forward to continuing both under the Idera name!”

It was also reiterated that their commitment toward the best quality services and customer support would continue with same zest. This change is leaving exciting impact on their teams too.