Put Mobile Strategy at the Heart of Your Business

All organizations, no matter their industry or size are discussing their mobile strategy. Mobility has moved to the forefront of every industry and all market segments. Mobile strategy is as commonplace and essential as IT strategy and business strategy. But as the world goes mobile, the speed at which Continue reading… All articles Read more »

Why Pinterest forces you off its mobile site and into its app

Ever had services like Yelp and Pinterest mercilessly boot you off their mobile site and force you to download a native app whether you want it or not? Pinterest’s product lead for growth, Casey Winters, can tell you why that happens because he’s “the asshole that makes Pinterest do that,” as Winters himself put it at VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit conference. […] Read more »

Sony sets up a new company to develop mobile games

Two months since Sony announced it was merging its PlayStation division firms into a single entity, its gaming arm has formed ForwardWorks, a new company that will focus on developing mobile games. Set to begin operations on April 1 — the same day as the recently named firm Sony Interactive Entertainment — the company will […] Read more »

Wileyfox is Europe’s newest mobile brand — here’s how its first smartphone stacks up

Fledgling European mobile phone brand Wileyfox announced its arrival in the smartphone realm a month ago, and now the London-based company is preparing to launch its first ever product: The Wileyfox Swift. Initially slated for launch this week, Wileyfox revealed that shipping for the $ 200 Android device has been delayed until September 30. But […] Read more »

This Batshit Crazy Company Wants to Build Mobile Private Islands

Yachts are for chumps. People who really know how to spend their money get submersible yachts from Migaloo, a mysterious company that offers five different models of underwater palaces. But true evil villains just go for the Migaloo’s crown jewel: Kokomo Ailand. Read more… All articles Read more »

Use SAP’s mobile platform? Patch now to avoid these ‘high risk’ vulnerabilities

Three high risk vulnerabilities in SAP Mobile could give attackers access to encrypted information stored in mobile devices, security firm Onapsis reported Wednesday. All three vulnerabilities were recently fixed by SAP, but systems are only safe if the patches are applied. “SAP runs so many of the world’s largest enterprises that any vulnerability must be […] Read more »

InfoTrends Publishes Mobile Devices and the Photo Products Market…

This study provides hardware, software, app and service providers with information to help them understand the evolving relationship between photo products and mobile devices. (PRWeb August 12, 2015) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/08/prweb12901184.htm All articles Read more »

What’s the difference between mobile cloud computing and cloud computing?

Question by berniefro: What’s the difference between mobile cloud computing and cloud computing? Hi, other than the clients for mobile cloud computing are cell phones and the clients for cloud computing are computers, what are the main differences between the two? Thanks, Bernie Best answer: Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Read more »