‘Dark mode’ in iOS 10 won’t blind you with brightness

Apple wasn’t kidding: iOS 10 is going to be a huuuge release with a boatload of new useful features. From a revamped Messages experience, to third-party app integration with Siri, to improved Photos, to a redesigned Apple Music, to all of the things Apple didn’t tell you, there’s going to be a lot to take […] Read more »

Swap goals for hoops with Rocket League’s new basketball mode

Since playing soccer with cars clearly isn’t enough for some people, the creators of indie game Rocket League have teased that it’s getting a new basketball mode, probably called Hoops. March Madness is just around the corner. Great time to tease the mode we’re working on next #RocketLeagueHoops pic.twitter.com/rrlEnnFhby — Rocket League (@RocketLeague) March 11, 2016 […] Read more »