Ivanka Trump's Punk Phase and Ted Cruz's Tweeting Top This Week's Internet News

Following a week in which Twitter announced a schedule to try and make the platform less awful and the Scaramucci Post seemed hellbent on proving all of its critics right, it’s important to take a moment to think about what’s really important in life.

Please remember @catsu as you explore the mixed bag of randomness the internet offered over the last seven days. It might be the only thing that will keep you sane.

Punk as … Huh?

What Happened: Of all the Trump children, which one do you think is the most likely to have listened to Nirvana and really felt bad when Kurt Cobain died? The answer may surprise you, if you were thinking Eric or Donald Jr.

What Really Happened: Even this far into our relationship with the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump knows how to surprise us all, it seems.

The story came from Ivanka’s latest memoir, Raising Trump, in which she writes about her “punk phase in the nineties,” when she was “really into Nirvana.” Twitter was, shall we say, somewhat unconvinced:

While the media reported on Ivanka’s Twitter dragging, someone realized folks could simply go back and look at photos of Ivanka during this punk phase and see the evidence first-hand:

The Takeaway: Oh, it’s easy to mock, but there are always more layers to the truth than people think.

Thank You for Your Service

What Happened: If there was one issue being discussed more than any other on social media last week, it was the ways in which a president should console grieving military families.

What Really Happened: In one of the stranger moments of political theater in recent months—an increasingly competitive space, let’s be honest—President Trump responded to a question about his lack of comment on the deaths of US soldiers in Niger by criticizing President Obama over whether or not he’d called families of fallen soldiers. Trump, of course, said that he would certainly call the families of the dead soldiers when he felt it was appropriate, which seemingly turned the whole incident into an even bigger embarrassment for all involved.

Wait. What? The report came from US congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Florida), a friend of the family of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who heard Trump’s call to his widow on speakerphone. “We were in the car together, in the limousine headed to meet the body at the airport,” Wilson would later tell CNN’s Don Lemon. “So I heard what he said because the phone was on speaker.” Twitter was … not impressed.

While all of this undoubtedly looked bad for the president, it was almost certain that the White House would announce that he didn’t actually say that…

OK, sure; WH spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders might not have denied it, but the president himself certainly did.

How could he have not? After all, it’s the perfect defense for him, considering that the reports had come from a representative of the opposing party. And it’s not as if the widow herself had confirmed the report. Sure, the soldier’s mother did confirm it, but all that really meant was that the back-and-forth was on.

Let’s not forget that the president said he had proof that Wilson was lying. What kind of proof was he talking about?

It would turn out, days later, that there’s apparently an official transcript of the call which, inexplicably, the president’s family has apparently read. But if White House chief of staff John Kelly was present, surely he—a military veteran who has lost his own son in service—would back up the president.

Oh… Good?

The Takeaway: Well, at least the president didn’t speak to any other grieving parents.

Melania, Is That You?

What Happened: As if 2017 wasn’t strange enough already, last week Americans found themselves asking, “What if the First Lady of the United States wasn’t actually the First Lady of the United States?”

What Really Happened: This one is surreal and wonderful. Early last week, the president made a public appearance accompanied by his wife Melania. Except, to some, she didn’t quite look like Melania.

For whatever reason—paranoia, boredom, the sheer glee of starting such a ridiculous meme—the internet quickly embraced the possibility that Melania Trump had been replaced by someone else in public appearances.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream media couldn’t resist joining in on such a dumb, great idea. One report even claimed credit for the Fake Melania idea in general, suggesting that the real deal is currently hiding in “a small town somewhere in Missouri, where she works on a volunteer basis at a center offering counseling and support to refugees and immigrants.” Well, it’s not impossible

The Takeaway: If nothing else, it’s a silly enough idea that people want to believe it.

Here’s Another Clue for You All

What Happened: Sometimes, it might not be the best idea to try and reclaim a meme that involves you being a serial killer.

What Really Happened: Hey, remember that meme that perpetuated the idea that US senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was the Zodiac Killer? Well, last week Cruz himself got in on the joke.

…Yes, really. That’s not a mistake, or even the kind of thing that is claimed to be a mistake after the fact; Ted Cruz actually tweeted out a letter from the Zodiac Killer. There is, of course, context for why he did this, but why ruin everything by looking at facts?

Not everyone was a fan of Cruz participating in his own meme, however.

Certainly, while the media was thrilled Cruz was joining in, some believed that he had killed the joke by doing so. Then again, maybe there was an entirely different reason for Cruz to post the meme.

Does he? And how has that worked out for him?

So, yes. It’s all going swimmingly, if that was his intent. Good job, Ted!

The Takeaway: Before we leave Cruz to ponder how much the senator has embarrassed himself here, let’s appreciate the very best response of all.

(Get it? No? Read this.)

Louder Than Bombs

What Happened: In the case of Florida v. Richard Spencer, the Sunshine State came out on top.

What Really Happened: White supremacist, alt-right leader, and punch receiver Richard Spencer had a public appearance at the University of Florida last Thursday. It was certainly something that seemed like a big deal ahead of time, with the state governor declaring a state of emergency before the event, fearful of violent protests. And, sure enough, ahead of the actual appearance, everyone was very aware of the possibility of something going down.

Sure enough, at the event itself, there were protests—but they didn’t go the way anyone expected.

Also: Campus bells played “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as Spencer prepared to take the stage. Only two arrests were made, according to local police, and Spencer was stymied and humiliated.

The Takeaway: Still. White supremacist speech? There has to be a better way to describe that…


Russian Spies Rush to Exploit the Latest Flash Zero Day and More Security News This Week

There’s nothing like a hefty security freakout to start the week, and the Key Reinstallation AttackWi-Fi vulnerability—you know it as Krack—announced on Monday fit the bill. The bug is in the ubiquitous WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol, so while it fortunately doesn’t impact every single device that exists, it does affect a significant portion of them. And many will likely never receive protective patches, a longstanding and critical security problem that particularly affects the Internet of Things. The relative simplicity of the Krack bug itself also highlights the importance of making technical standards accessible to researchers for review and feedback.

Google announced a new tier of account security this week called Advanced Protection that uses physical authentication tokens, advanced scanning, and siloing to help defend particularly at-risk accounts (or anyone who wants to be very cautious). And after its disastrous corporate breach, Equifax is receiving a thorough public shaming. Researchers also discovered that for just $ 1,000 they can exploit mobile advertising networks to track people’s movements in both cyberspace and the real world. Not great!

US-Iranian relations are tense and could nudge Iran’s cyber operations. And crooks have a new favorite hustle called “cryptojacking” that can secretly use your devices to mine cryptocurrency when you visit infected websites. Highs and lows.

And there’s more. As always, we’ve rounded up all the news we didn’t break or cover in depth this week. Click on the headlines to read the full stories. And stay safe out there.

Flash Patched Its Recent Zero Day, So Russian Hackers Are Using It While They Can

Kaspersky Labs researchers announced a new Adobe Flash vulnerability on Monday, noting that unidentified hackers exploited the bug in an attack on October 10, using a compromised Microsoft Word document to deliver FinSpy malware. Adobe coordinated with Kaspersky to issue a patch on the day of the disclosure. In the wake of the patch, researchers at the security firm Proofpoint observed the hackers doubling down to exploit the flaw before potential targets widely adopt the fix. The group, which Proofpoint says is the Russia-backed collective Fancy Bear, launched an email spearphishing campaign that targeted state departments and aerospace companies. But researchers say the operation was sloppy, and that the group has followed this pattern in the past.

Microsoft Didn’t Disclose 2013 Breach of a Sensitive Vulnerability Database

Sophisticated hackers breached Microsoft’s internal vulnerability-tracking database more than four years ago, but the company didn’t publicly disclose the incident. Five former Microsoft employees told Reuters that the company was aware of the intrusion in 2013. The database would have contained critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s widely used software products, including Windows, and may have even included code for exploiting those flaws. Such information would be a gold mine for foreign government-backed hackers or third-party criminals alike, and could have facilitated breaches and espionage at the time.

Reuters’ sources said in separate interviews that Microsoft never connected the breach to any other attacks, and that the company didn’t disclose the incident, because doing so would have pushed attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities before they were patched. Microsoft presumably patched everything in the compromised database years ago, though. Reuters’ sources say that the Microsoft did at least improve its internal security in response to the hack. The incident was part of a rash of attacks that also hit Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. The group behind these hacks is still unidentified, but is known by different researchers as Morpho, Butterfly, and Wild Neutron, and is still active today.

UK Concludes That Iran, Not Russia or North Korea, Hacked Officials’ Email Accounts

Investigators in the United Kingdom concluded last week that Iranian government-backed hackers were behind a June email network intrusion that targeted numerous members of parliament and Prime Minister Theresa May. Every MP uses the network, but the hackers specifically looked for accounts protected by weak passwords or reused ones that had leaked online after other breaches. The parliamentary digital services team told the Guardian that it was making email security changes in response to the attack. The incident underscores Iran’s ongoing digital offensive initiatives. Though the country has been less focused on Western targets in the last few years, it is still an active threat around the world. Recently, US President Donald Trump has worked to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, but Theresa May and other European leaders say they want to preserve it.

Police Did Social Media Surveillance on New York Black Lives Matter Group

The Black Lives Matter Global Network chapter in the Rockland County, New York filed a federal lawsuit in August claiming that local Clarkstown police conducted illegal surveillance on it throughout 2015. Clarkstown police records from the Strategic Intelligence Unit describe social-media surveillance targeted at BLM members. The documents even show evidence that a lead detective told the Strategic Intelligence Unit supervisor to stop the surveillance, but this didn’t end the program. BLM is alleging that Clarkstown police engaged in racial profiling, and violated the group members’ rights to free speech and assembly.

Millions of Crucial Cryptography Keys Weakened By Trusted Generator

A flaw in how a popular code base generates cryptographic keys has ruined the security of millions of encryption schemes. The generator appeared in two security certification standards used my numerous governments and large corporations worldwide, meaning that the flawed keys are meant to protect particularly sensitive platforms and data. German chipmaker Infineon developed the software, which has included the key generating flaw since 2012 or possibly earlier. Attackers could exploit the bug to figure out the private part of a key from its public component. From there they could do things like manipulate digitally signed software, disable other network protections, or, of course, decrypt sensitive data. The situation affects Estonia’s much-touted secure digital ID system. Infineon, Microsoft, and Google warn that the flaw will undermine their Trusted Platform Module products until customers generate new, more robust keys. Estonia has announced plans to update the keys used for its national IDs.


News to Use: Responsive Intranets, Better Translations

News to Use: Responsive Intranets, Better Translations

San Diego-based Axero  today released an upgrade to Communifire, its intranet software solution for small and medium businesses.  Communifire 5.2 adds Page Builder, a drag-and-drop interface that administrators can use to create page layouts. It simplifies the process of designing the homepage, space pages and CMS pages, the company said.

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Web Hosting Vexxhost Provides Fully Scalable and Redundant Cloud Hosting for Cloud Sites

Web Hosting Vexxhost announced cloud sites with huge discount for limited time.

Web Hosting Vexxhost announced cloud sites with huge discount for limited time.
Web Hosting Vexxhost announced cloud sites with huge discount for limited time.

Cloudhostingtech.com on Oct. 04, 2012: Greatresponder.com published today that Vexxhost web hosting offers a big discount for their newly launched cloud sites; this offer for a limited time only. Cloud Sites from VEXXHOST brings an extremely fast cPanel hosting platform, combined with value-adding free features and 24/7/365 monitoring and support. Customers can select from tiered cloud hosting plans to meet the demands of their businesses, and even take advantage of free expert migration to get their cloud site online.

“Cloud Sites combines the power and reliability of cloud hosting with the convenience of a managed service,” says Mohammed Naser, CEO at VEXXHOST. “Customers can sign up for an affordable Cloud Sites plan to maximize website performance, choosing a service with the cloud cycles required. Our optimized platform then has an immediate, measurable impact on page loading and application processing times. Meanwhile, our expert team takes care of server configuration and management, allowing customers to focus on their businesses, instead of working with their hosting plan. This is the first time technology like this has been available as part of a web hosting plan.”

VEXXHOST’s new Cloud Sites service is a cPanel cloud hosting solution that runs individual accounts in isolated virtual containers. Cloud Sites offer allocated hardware resources, including RAM, CPU, and disk space, improving the performance of websites and applications. In addition, with massively scalable redundant storage that heals itself in the event of failure, customers can always be confident that their website will always remain online. The entire infrastructure is designed for performance, with optimized web servers that can handle up to 20 times more connections than standard web hosting accounts, high availability file storage, a static content offloading system and more. Using this technology, VEXXHOST provides the fastest, most dependable cPanel hosting solution in the industry.

“We have optimized every part of our infrastructure to create the best cloud hosting solution,” says Naser. “In addition, Cloud Sites include powerful software and applications to help our customers find success. We also bundle Cloud Sites with CloudFlare Railgun, which increases website performance, valued at over $200 a month and free to Cloud Sites customers. Cloud Sites customers also receive more than 200 web applications, an automated script installer, and $200 in marketing credits. By choosing Cloud Sites, customers get an optimized, feature-packed service that runs on the best infrastructure in the business.”

Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Provider C7 Secures $25 Million for Utah Data Centers Expansion

Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Provider C7 Secures $25 Million for Utah Data Centers Expansion
Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Provider C7 Secures $25 Million for Utah Data Centers Expansion

Cloudhostingtech.com on Oct. 04, 2012Cloud hosting infrastructure provider company C-7 data centers has secured an amount of as much as $25 million in the form of debt and equity funding by partnering with two financial companies; these companies are Signal Peak Ventures and MCG Capitals. This was announced by C-7 cloud hosting and data center infrastructure provider C-7 through a press release statement on Wednesday October 3, 2012.

This amount will be used to expand its data centers in the area of Utah State in the United States of America. The demand of cloud hosting infrastructures in this area is increasing very rapidly and the customers of C-7 data centers are continuously seeking for addition resources in this State. It is very important to note that C-7 data centers is the cloud hosting infrastructure provider of many big social media and other giant cloud hosting companies like twitter, answer.com, westhost, and many others.

In his press release statement, Mr. Wes Swenson, Chief Executive Officer of C-7 Data Centers said, “It’s important to work with institutions like MCG and Signal Peak Ventures who possess a deep understanding of the colocation market and evolving market demands during this stage of the company’s growth. Their support and committed funding provide C7 with the capital to continue to meet the dynamic market demand for its colocation services including the construction of additional data centers we have planned locally and regionally.”

It was further notified in the press release that both financial companies are very well aware of the demand of the data centers in the regions and they have expertise in financing such projects. Meanwhile, it was also informed in the statement that currently C-7 Company has three data centers in Utah State located at Salt Lake City, Bluffdale, and Lindon. With this new expansion, company would be in good position to cater the demands of customers.

Atlanta Metro Starts Cloud Tool to Connect to Amazon Cloud Hosting Services

Cloudhostingtech.com on Oct. 01, 2012: Atlanta metro communications is a data center services and communication provider to the cloud hosting and web hosting companies. It has announced on Friday September 28, 2012 that it has partnered with giant cloud hosting service provider Amazon to launch it Cloud tool called ‘CloudDirect’ for its valuable enterprise customers to get connected to Amazon cloud hosting services AWS. This is a free tool, which is very useful for small and medium businesses to get connected with the most exciting and the largest network of cloud hosting.

It was further explained in the company statement that this new cloud tool would provide the best level of security, highly competitiveness on cost, and reliability of the secure connectivity. This tool will also increase the consistency in the performance of networks and the applications of the customers running in cloud hosting environment. This tool would help to provide high speed connectivity at very low price or cost of data transfer.

This tool is designed for Atlanta Metro Communication’s Ethernet service or the business internet services. It will also be beneficial tool for those customers who are looking for an independent connectivity to the Amazon web services or AWS.

In his statement, Mr. Stephen Klenert, the chief strategy officer of Atlantic Metro Communication said, “Atlantic Metro is very excited to join the Amazon Partner Network and introduce our CloudDirect services to offer businesses an easy and affordable means to securely access their Cloud. Customers in our data center facilities and utilizing Atlantic Metro’s Metro Ethernet service can now leverage Amazon Web Services as if it were part of their own infrastructure. The ability to access the Amazon Cloud via a secure and private connection opens up a wide range of exciting new possibilities and cloud computing solutions.”

Scality Cloud Storage Technological Firm to Join Cloud Builder Program of Intel Inc

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep. 28, 2012: Cloud storage and cloud hosting technological solution provider company ‘Sacality’ has announced that it is going to join the cloud builder program of Intel Corporation. This announcement was made to public on Wednesday September 26, 2012 through a press release statement issued by the company management. Cloud builder project of Intel Corporation is designed for providing product specific documents and guidelines for different businesses to develop cloud architecture with the help of Xeon chip Servers.

A white paper has also been released by the collaboration of these two companies for those clients who want to develop a storage-as-a-service like architecture with the help of RING Organic Storage solution of Scality technologies. This document is available for download on Intel website in PDF format; the name of this document is “Reliable, Efficient, and Affordable Cloud Storage Service with Scality RING Organic Storage”.

In press release statement, Mr. David Tuhy, the general manager at Intel’s storage division said, “Leading cloud data centers have already absorbed exabytes of photos, media, and email, yet this unstructured data continues to grow non-linearly. Storage solutions managing explosive data growth require more than just increased capacity; the storage software must be highly automated and scalable, while incorporating intelligence for data protection. The new Intel Xeon Processor E5 Family have converged multiple cores with key integrated storage features delivering energy efficient performance and the scalable data protection required for cloud and big data applications.”

It was further explained in the press release statement of Scality that its RING technology is very dynamic, compatible, and hardware agnostic that is capable to run on any type of server machines running on Linux and x86 processors. This will improve the performance and speed of the servers at the time of peak loads.

IBM to Launch Its Cloud Hosting Services in Highly Competitive market

IBM to Launch Its Cloud Hosting in Competitive market
IBM to Launch Its Cloud Hosting in Competitive market

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep. 27, 2012 :  Cloud hosting services provider market is one of the most competitive markets at present across the globe. There are many companies that are already operating in this domain and hundreds of others are ready to enter into this arena of fast paced business. The major reasons of such competitiveness is the presence of big giants on the market place; these giants include, Amazon cloud hosting services, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, and many others. There are hundreds of other well know cloud hosting companies too.

Now, IBM has announced to jump into this business ring to face the challenges of IT giants available in the market. This was announced by the company; it was reported by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on Tuesday evening. It was reported in the story that the services to be launched by IBM would focus on small and medium scale businesses and MSPs. It is observed that SMBs and MSPs are the key business driver in the domain of cloud business at present across the globe. IBM has not been active in cloud hosting service provisioning since many years after the emergence of this business as the most lucrative and prospective one but now it wants get its share in this field. IBM is very well known for its vendor and infrastructure services and equipment across the world and has very reliable technology pioneer in the field of information technology.

Recent studies suggest that majority of the small and medium businesses are adopting the cloud services very rapidly and a substantial demand is generating in this domain. It is very right move at very right time from IBM to enter into this domain and provide the most exciting and affordable cloud hosting services to its customers. IBM is already very reputed in all types of cloud infrastructures provided to the cloud hosting companies.

Cloud Hosting Savvis Host Starts Its New Data Center at Frankfurt Germany

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep. 26, 2012Savvis cloud hosting provider has started its new and state of the art data center in Frankfurt city of Germany. This was announced by the company management on Monday September 25, 2012. With the start of this new data center in European content, the company would be in good position to pursue its strategy to expand its foot prints in European area. Now company would be very commanding position to cater almost all types of demands of customers based on their data and business requirements.

It was further informed in the company statement that this is highly featured data center of Savvis cloud hosting company in this prospective area. It is located in the financial district of Frankfurt and thus provides better opportunities for rapid growth. The data center is modular one and has great capacity with high speed servers located in this data center. This would empower Savvis cloud hosting provider to provide more mission critical and enterprise level of solutions to their customers in this area and across the region. Savvis already operates more than 50 data centers across the globe especially in United Kingdom and other European countries. It also runs many data centers in North America, Asia, and Pacific regions.

In a statement, the president of Savvis cloud hosting company Mr. Bill Fathers said, “Savvis’ data center expansion into Germany signifies a major milestone in our plans to serve growing demand in the European market. Our multinational clients expect access to the same Savvis capabilities regardless of where they’re operating geographically; our investment in Frankfurt recognizes and supports the increasing hosting needs in this region.”

With this data center many financial and trading companies would get very low latency in their services on Frankfurt stock exchange to do effective trade.

Third Phase of London Data Center Started By Equinix Cloud Hosting & Collocation Provider

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep. 25, 2012Third phase of the state of the art data center of Equinix cloud hosting and collocation service provider has been started from last week. This was announced by the company in a statement on Monday September 24, 2012. This new and state of art data center named as LD5 international business exchange data center that is located at Slough UK, has an area of 13,123 square feet space and houses more about cabinets.

It was further informed in the statement that the demand for cloud hosting collocation services are increasing very rapidly and this state of the art data center would be one of the most modern data center to cater the increasing demands of cloud hosting customers. The second of phase of this data center was started about less than one year ago. There many types of businesses, which are demanding more and more space for their cloud hosting applications; among such customers, few are digital media firms, financial institutes, big enterprises, cloud hosting providers, and many others.

This new data center would feature on 130 trading desks for business continuity and would provide the most comprehensive and emergency trading facilities as well as financial services for their valuable customers in the United Kingdom and across the Europe.

In his statement Mr. Russell Poole, managing director of Equinix UK said, “Our LD5 expansion sits in one of the largest and fastest growing data center markets in the world, with increasing customer demand for capacity. This facility allows us to offer highly resilient and secure colocation facilities and to add sector-specific enhancements and features as we go. Financial market participants and service providers are key growth drivers currently, and they are experiencing growing regulatory pressure to put business continuity capacity in place. This is why our latest build-out features are what we believe is the most comprehensive and best-connected business continuity offering in the London market today.”


Cloud Hosting Vendor ‘Scality’ Releases CDMI Server DewPoint

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep. 21, 2012 : Cloud hosting and cloud storage vendor ‘Scality’ has announced on Wednesday September 19, 2012 that it has released its latest version of Cloud Management and Data Interface server dew point this week. The newly released cloud management interface server is very attractive because it does not lock-in the cloud hosting and cloud storage providers. It supports all standard platforms and operating systems. This is a standard based application and discourages proprietary APIs. It defines many APIs for managing different resources based on cloud storage and cloud hosting.

In a statement Mr. Jerome Lecat, Scality CEO said, “At Scality we sincerely believe that standards are essential    for the    adoption of cloud architectures    by businesses. After    a careful review we came to the conclusion that SNIA CDMI represents the best solution for cloud management and data access. We produced an initial prototype of Dewpoint, Scality’s CDMI server, which we presented at SDC last year. After much optimization and dialogue with other vendors, we are now ready to bring Dewpoint to market, as the cornerstone of our Open Cloud Access strategy.” According to the chief technical officer of Scality Mr. Giorgio Regini, “Scality customers can leverage their cloud storage platform for any unstructured data application; it makes the availability of data through access methods. Scality will extend these access methods to CloudFiles and NFS in the coming months; at the core of these access methods sits an abstraction layer used by our CDMI server, which tracks all metadata associated with a file, directory or bucket”

Along with all these features as mentioned above, it was also informed in the press release statement that the company is growing at very phenomenal rates and company wants to devise such business strategies based on innovation that this growth can be sustained for many years to come.


Cloud Hosting and Data Center Operator Nominates Keith Olsen as Member to Board of Directors

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep 20, 2012Former president and CEO of switching and data business Mr. Keith Olsen has been nominated as the member to board of directors of data center and cloud hosting provider Fiber Media Group. This was announced by the group on Wednesday September 19, 2012 through official statement. Earlier than this move Mr. Christopher Baldwin was also nominated as the vice president of designs and building department.

Mr. Olsen would be responsible for development of the strategies to strengthen the growth and footprints of the company across the potential markets. Mr. Olsen has already very vast experience in different sectors of cloud hosting and cloud computing sectors; the experience of this internet veteran is spread over thirty years in this domain of industry.

In a statement Mr. Michael Bucheit, CEO of Fiber Media Group said, “Keith brings to FiberMedia a unique blend of proven growth ingredients – honed strategic vision as well as roll-up-your-sleeves growth execution expertise. His role with FiberMedia is focused on expansion – organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions. It is very difficult to find a seasoned executive with such a distinguished growth track record in this industry.”

It was further informed that Mr. Olsen has worked in many giant companies like AT&T and others. He has proved himself in different situations to achieve the targets and goals of the company. As president of switch and data division, he got great repute in achieving the business goals and made the company as one of the most dynamic and progressive one. Prior to this role, Mr. Olsen was associated with AT&T as vice president ‘Advance Business Services Division’; he identified many different ways to grow the revenue of the division and consequently company witnessed a sustainable growth in revenue for six consecutive years.

FireHost Secure Cloud Hosting Receive an Amount of $10 Million in Series C Funding

FireHost Secure Cloud Hosting Receive an Amount of $10 Million in Series C Funding
FireHost Secure Cloud Hosting Receive an Amount of $10 Million in Series C Funding

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep 18, 2012 : Secure cloud hosting provider company FireHost secures as much as $10 million as series C funding. This entire amount was achieved by existing investors of the company; these investors include Stephen Groups and Original Angel investors. This announcement was made by the company management on Tuesday September 18, 2012 through a press release statement.

It was further informed in the press release statement that company is progressing phenomenally since the start of their secure cloud hosting services in year 2010. The progress is being witnessed as about 200% year by year since then; this new investment would be used to enhance the quality and customer experience of the services. This investment has been realized after about $10 million funding in B series in September last year 2011. Meanwhile, it was also informed by the company that an amount of $2 million was secured at the time of launching of secure cloud hosting services.

In the press release statement Mr. Chris Drake, CEO of FireHost said in his quoted statement, “FireHost has some exciting initiatives just over the horizon that we’ll be able to execute on quickly with this new capital xpect some market changing announcements from us in the coming months.“

Stephen group, which is the major investor in FireHost secure cloud hosting provider has shown great confidence in the investments and performance of this cloud hosting company. In his statement quoted in the press release Mr. Aaron Clark, vice president of The Stephens Group said, “FireHost has created exactly what the market needs, at exactly the right time, and is executing flawlessly. As investors, everything about this company excites us. The leadership, the technology, and the market opportunity couldn’t be brighter. Our group is thrilled to be FireHost’s primary investment partner.”

Cloud Hosting Market Adopting Green Data Centers Very Rapidly to Cross $45 Billion by 2016 – Pike Study Reports

Cloud Hosting Market Adopting Green Data Centers
Cloud Hosting Market Adopting Green Data Centers

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep 17, 2012 : Like every other domain of industry and businesses, cloud hosting market is also embracing green energy and other standards to curtail the green house gases and make the environment more viable and healthy for our future. This was disclosed by the research and study company in the field of technologies called Pike Research. As per latest studies of Pike Research, the concept of green data centers is being adopted very aggressively by cloud hosting companies; the total investment made in green data centers would cross $45.4 billion till 2016. This growth is very phenomenal one, which is increasing at the rate of about 28% annually. The results of the study were announced on Friday September 14, 2012.

It was also indicated in the report that the major reasons for this pervasive adoptability of green data centers in the domain of cloud hosting are increasing pressure from environmental organizations, increasing energy cost, rising economic pressure, and increasing demand for computing power etc. Many cloud hosting and collocation provider companies are investing in ecological friendly infrastructure to get better energy efficiency and business results.

Mr. Eric Woods, a senior researcher at Pike Research, further said in his comments, “There is no single technology or design model that makes a data center green; In fact, the green data center is connected to the broader transformation that data centers are undergoing—a transformation that encompasses technical innovation, operational improvements, new design principles, changes to the relationship between IT and business, and changes in the data center supply chain.”

It was further explained in the research report that the major trends that are governing these rapid changes in the field of information technology and especially in cloud computing are virtualization and cloud computing. These factors are forcing the cloud hosting providers to adopt green data center technologies.

Cloud Hosting and Data Center Solution Provider Stream Data Appoints Vice President for Its Project Management Department

Cloud Hosting and Data Center Appoints VP for Its Project Management Department
Cloud Hosting and Data Center Appoints VP for Its Project Management Department

Cloudhostingtech.com on Sep 16, 2012 : Cloud hosting and data center solutions provider Stream Data announced on Thursday September 13, 2012 that they are going to appoint Mr. Chris Kincaid as the vice president for company’s project management department. This new appointment has been made to expand the operation of cloud hosting and data solutions in the area of Texas State as well as other area suitable for business growth. It is important to note that cloud hosting and data center demand in the area has been very notable since many months in this area.

This appointment is the second major appointment after Michael Lahoud as vice president for mission critical advisory services department in October 2011. Mr. Chris Kincaid would be responsible for different projects that would be planned and executed in the area for smooth growth of company business. Mr. Kincaid is highly experienced in project implementations for data center infrastructures; he has expertise and experience in mechanical and electrical systems. He possesses a vast experience of more than 16 years. Out of those sixteen years, he has devoted more than 8 years in data centers and associated domain. His experience includes constructions, planning, and commissioning of data centers and related infrastructure including power, security systems, and air conditioning.

In a statement Mr. Rob Kennedy, co-managing partner of Stream Data Centers said, “Chris’s background in construction of mission critical facilities will be a tremendous asset for our team. He adds great expertise to our design, construction, and commissioning processes. His hands-on approach assures the timely, high-quality and cost-controlled delivery that corporate data center users require.”

It was further informed that Mr. Chris would be responsible for all constructions including the purpose-built private data centers that are under construction in Dallas and Houston cities.

Cloud Hosting Provider Nirvanix Nominates Tina Gravel as Vice President Worldwide Sales

Cloud Hosting Provider Nirvanix Nominates Tina Gravel as Vice President Worldwide Sales
Cloud Hosting Provider Nirvanix Nominates Tina Gravel as Vice President Worldwide Sales

Cloudhostingtech.com on September 11, 2012 : Highly experienced professional in the domain of cloud services sales Tina Gravel has been appointed as the vice president worldwide sales at Nirvanix cloud hosting company to strengthen the international sales in this domain. This appointment is in the continuation of Nirvanix hosting to expand their international footprints in cloud hosting domain. This was announced by Nirvanix Company on Monday September 10, 2012.

It was further informed in the statement that Tina Gravel would be responsible to drive sales strategies more aggressively on international market both in established and emerging countries where the prospects of cloud hosting service business is high. She will also take charge of major expansions in different fields of businesses like media, entertainment, financial services, and healthcare. This is very important to note that Nirvanix has largely focused on these sectors and made substantial progress in the same; Tina Gravel is expected to drive it more aggressively and productively. She would be reporting to CEO of Nirvanx who also comes from the professional background of worldwide sales.

Tina Gravel has been involved in many different projects with many big companies in the domain of marketing; she has successful experience of more than 20 years. She has worked in Terremark cloud hosting company and due to its phenomenal growth, Verizon acquire it in year 2011. She also worked with Verizon to look after the cloud hosting business. She successful developed and launched a worldwide channel program to distribute cloud services through MSPs around the globe.

In a statement Mr. Scott Genereux, the president, and CEO, Nirvanix said, “Tina’s proven track record of running a fully managed cloud services business on a global scale makes for an ideal fit with Nirvanix’s consumption-based business model. Tina’s career of orchestrating strategic sales initiatives with large international teams for ‘everything as a service’ will enable us to reach a broader set of enterprise customers; MSPs and telcos looking to white label cloud storage services; and channel partners eager to make the transition to the usage-based cloud.”

Dell Corporation Enters into Cloud Hosting Market by Entering in Partnership with Nirvanix Host

Dell Corporation Enters into Cloud Hosting Market by Entering in Partnership with Nirvanix Host
Dell Corporation Enters into Cloud Hosting Market by Entering in Partnership with Nirvanix Host

Cloudhostingtech.com on September 11, 2012 : Cloud hosting domain is becoming more and more attractive for giant IT vendors like HP, Dell and others. After HP entered into the cloud hosting business to provide full cloud storage services to the customers of many partners and resellers, Dell corporation tapped into the cloud storage market by signing a contract with well know cloud hosting company called Nirvanix. This announcement was very quietly made by Dell Corporation last week with a PDF release of the statement.

As per details issued in the statement, the contract was signed on the basis on monthly bills that will be collected from the customers. There would be an upfront or initial set up fee for installation of the services. These services would be based on cloud computing model called SaaS or software as a service. This cloud storage of Dell with Nirvanix would be public and multi tenant based service. It is also important to note that few weeks back, Dell launched its managed private and dedicated servers to its customers based on IaaS service model. Meanwhile, Dell has also partnered with Microsoft office 365 and Parallel cloud hosting to provide the MS office services.

It was also informed that the maintenance of SLA is the responsibility of Dell Corporation and it would credit about 13% of monthly bills of customers in case the SLA is not met. The minimum SLA level is agreed at 99% plus availability of the network or uptime of the network. HP is already engaged in such type of contract with its partners to credit 30% of their monthly bills if the SLA is not met.

With this tapping in of Dell Corporation and other hardware giants, the competition on cloud hosting market would even soar high. This may be challenging for Amazon or other cloud industry leaders in future.