Docker containers vs. OpenStack clouds

Matt Asay has a smart piece over on InfoWorld about some ongoing struggles with OpenStack, as evidenced by Red Hat’s most recent earnings call.

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It begs the question: Are containers to blame?

Here’s Asay:

As big as the community behind OpenStack has been, [Red Hat CEO Jim] Whitehurst declared Docker the “single biggest topic that comes up among … [Red Hat’s] leading [customers].” In fact, Whitehurst noted that he hears more from customers about Docker than OpenStack.

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Commercial Version of OpenStack Cloud Hosting Platform Is Being Previewed By Red Hat on August 14, 2012 :  Red Hat Company has started getting feedback and reviews from different users who want to use OpenStack commercial version of software; the enterprise-based commercial version of Openstack Cloud hosting platform will be released after getting feedback and user experience of this open source software. This was announced by Red Hat Company through its website posting on Monday August 13, 2012.

It was further maintained that downloadable version of OpenStack platform is available on their site for those cloud hosting providers and developers who are already using Red Hat Linux version 6.3 or later. This downloadable version has been made available along with a feedback form, which Red Hat is expecting from the users to improve this version of software and transform it into an enterprise-based full commercial version.

It was further said that this move will explore and establish proper backup technical support for OpenStack platform of cloud hosting services.

Through website statement from Ret Hat it was further said, “t’s a preview, so it’s still a little rough around the edges. We’ve been working in the OpenStack community for a while now and can see its potential. Our focus has been around making OpenStack a great product for enterprises to use. Just like, we did with Linux”.

This is very imperative to mention that the leader cloud hosting service providers like Rackspace and Vexxhost cloud hosting companies have already started their full fledged OpenStack based cloud hosting services since couple of weeks. Other than these companies, many companies are already in process to use OpenStack platform for their services and many are working hard to transfer their services on this exciting software platform.

OpenStack provides amazing features for administrators through easy to use dashboard; administrators can manage different types of cloud services through this interface.

What Do You Know About OpenStack??

OpenStack Open source software for building private and public clouds.

The OpenStack Conference and Design Summit coming next week ….



High-level whiteboard session discussing the difference between existing Iaas / PaaS Cloud Computing models and OpenStack.

OpenStack Basics – Overview


Web Hosting DreamHost Using Nicira Network on April 12, 2012: Web hosting DreamHost announced using Nicira network virtualization platform. Nicira network virtualization known to be provides many capabilities for software developers to create and use web scale apps or enterprises to create a research and development cloud. As these virtual networks can be created dynamically to support VM mobility between data centers without service disruption or address changes. As on Feb 2012, Nicira announced it’s Network Virtualization Platform. Nicira’s product and industry contributions with OpenStack an open technology with Rackspace Fanatical Support™. 

“Nicira’s NVP software enables truly massive leaps in automation and efficiency,” said Carl Perry, Cloud Architect at DreamHost. “NVP decouples network services from hardware, providing unique flexibility for both DreamHost and our customers. By sidestepping the old network paradigm, DreamHost can rapidly build powerful features for our cloud. Network virtualization is a critical component necessary for architecting the next-generation public cloud services.  Nicira’s plug-in technology, coupled with the open source Ceph and OpenStack software, is a technically sound recipe for offering our customers real infrastructure-as-a-service.” For more

DreamHost’s Work with Dell to Set up an OpenStack Cloud 

DreamHost’s Work with Dell to Set up an Openstack Cloud (Bryan Bogensberger) DreamHost VP of Business Strategy Bryan Bogensberger talks about how its working with Dell Data Center Solutions to get next generation hardware (PowerEdge C servers), and Cloud Solutions group on Crowbar to assist with their deployment of an OpenStack cloud, as well as their new cloud storage system, Ceph. DreamHost’s Work with Dell to Set up an Openstack Cloud (Bryan Bogensberger), see this