GoPro camera takes us into space on back of a test rocket, and it’s beautiful

Thanks to NASA and companies like SpaceX, amazing footage of rockets traveling into space have become fairly common. However, a new video shot with the GoPro Hero 4 emerged Wednesday that is particularly stunning, no matter how much space footage you’ve seen The crystal clear, high definition video, recorded from the perspective of the GoPro […] Read more »

Swap goals for hoops with Rocket League’s new basketball mode

Since playing soccer with cars clearly isn’t enough for some people, the creators of indie game Rocket League have teased that it’s getting a new basketball mode, probably called Hoops. March Madness is just around the corner. Great time to tease the mode we’re working on next #RocketLeagueHoops — Rocket League (@RocketLeague) March 11, 2016 […] Read more »