Software-defined storage: Users reveal the best (and worst) features

There is no standard definition of software-defined storage, but it typically involves decoupling the management software from the storage hardware (vs. the tight integration of traditional storage products). The goal is to make it easier for administrators to flexibly manage a variety of storage devices via software and automated policies. To read this article in […] Read more »

Sony cranks up optical disc storage to 3.3TB

Optical discs like Blu-ray are losing favor, but Sony and Panasonic don’t seem to care. The companies have cranked up the storage capacity on optical media to a stunning 3.3TB. That’s a big advance in Sony’s optical storage, which is based on technology used in Blu-ray. The 3.3TB disc is targeted at studios, filmmakers, and […] Read more »

Amazon rolls out cold cloud storage option

Amazon Web Services launched a new, less-expensive flavor of its cloud-based object storage service meant for data that is infrequently accessed (IA). + MORE AT NETWORK WORLD: All aboard the SS Dreamforce + Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) IA is an alternative to the company’s standard S3 offering and its Glacier service. Amazon’s three storage […] Read more »

Evernote backtracks on unlimited storage for Premium tier, sets 10GB monthly limit

Notetaking app Evernote today announced that it’s rolling back unlimited storage for its Premium subscription tier of service that first became available in late April. Going forward, Evernote Premium will be capped at 10 GB in storage per month. Before the April introduction of the $ 49.99/year Premium tier, Evernote’s paid service could store as […] Read more »

Cloud Storage Firm TwinStrata Launches CloudArray Version 3.0

Cloud Storage Firm TwinStrata Launches CloudArray Version 3.0 By Nicole Henderson, November 15, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cloud-based storage provider TwinStrata announced on Tuesday that it has released version 3.0 of its CloudArray storage gateway that allows companies to deploy Cloud SANs. … Read more on Web Host Industry Review Apprenda Releases Version […] Read more »