Cyborgs, third ears and body hacking: How the future of technology is inside us

Science fiction is full of stories in which the machines take over and humans are left subservient to their own creations, but according to some artists and experimenters, that need not be our future. The work of Neil Harbisson, an Irish-born human cyborg, and Stelarc, an Australian performance artist, suggest that if we unite our […] Read more »

European Technology Leaders Summit: Cloud Computing

This session focuses on ‘the cloud’ and its benefits such as ease of access, removal of geographic boundaries and increased business intelligence. The risks involved with cloud computing such as global security, privacy and also local versus global regulation on data sharing will also be explored. Moderator Mark O’Conor Partner DLA Piper Panelists Paul Daugherty […] Read more »

Web Host Netelligent Adds NETEL CLOUD Hosting Technology

Web Host Netelligent Adds NETEL CLOUD Hosting Technology MONTREAL (June 12, 2012) – Netelligent Hosting today launched its next-generation line of Cloud hosting services, NETEL CLOUD, providing fully scalable, … Read more on Tophosts Web Hosting ZNet Gets Accreditation from ICANN ZNet Corporation is big web hosting and domain name Provider Company headquartered in Jaipur, […] Read more »

Could anybody explain me about “Cloud Computing” Technology?

by Carlos de Miguel Question by Arun: Could anybody explain me about “Cloud Computing” Technology? Explain the whole theory Best answer: Answer by So CoYour computer is a screen. The “cloud” is the computer. The cloud is just a server, running processes for you. Give your answer to this question below! Read more »

Technology used in Cloud Servers

by osde8info Cloud server technology, computing power increased management demands effective and easy server cloud. Cloud computing is an Internet infrastructure to demand self-service where users pay as and when, and use only what they need. It is controlled by a browser application or API. With the technology of the clouds, all server instances fully […] Read more »