FBI hid microphones for secret warrantless surveillance near California courthouses

What the – ! Well the FBI is back to the same old shady surveillance tricks, shady if you believe the Fourth Amendment still means something. The next time you are near a courthouse, heck even out on a sidewalk or waiting at a bus stop, you might want to pay a little more attention to any trees or rocks that are nearby. Look closely; see any microphones or cameras? Why stop there? The FBI certainly didn’t when it secretly planted microphones in public near courthouses to record conversations and cameras to conduct clandestine video surveillance. And apparently the FBI decided it didn’t need no stickin’ warrant.

But hey, the FBI didn’t just bug bus stops, light boxes, hedges, backpacks and vehicles near Alameda County’s Rene C. Davidson Courthouse for 10 months between March 2010 and January 2011. According to Jeff Harp, a former FBI special agent and a security analyst for KPIX 5, a CBS affiliate for the San Francisco Bay Area:

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