3 Ways Aligning PR and Content Marketing Benefits Your Brand

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and pretty much anything. Some things just belong together, and I promise it’s not just your (or, maybe more realistically, your kids’) favorite food items; I’m talking about content marketing and public relations. Why, then, do so many leaders tend to choose one strategy […] Read more »

6 ways to put an end to the ‘press 1 for…’ customer experience

Human beings have a love-hate relationship with automation. Some of the time we love it, and the rest of the time we absolutely hate it — without much daylight in between. We love DVRs, learning thermostats, and Dollar Shave Club. We hate subscriptions we don’t want, memberships we don’t use, and meaningless auto-reply emails. But […] Read more »

9 ways wearables could change health and fitness

With the advent of the smart watch, there’s potential for a lot more innovation in the realm of health and fitness. As more and more customers move to wearables, data collection becomes ever more robust. To find out what could be next for these tech companies, I asked nine entrepreneurs from YEC the following question: As the Apple […] Read more »