Google’s Asinine Gmail Prank: What Were These Fools Thinking?

Google appeared to troll Gmail users yesterday, by adding a childish GIF to their sent email and making their replies disappear. If that sounds stupid and asinine to you, then you’d be right. Your humble blogwatcher tries to avoid April Fool’s Day stories, but this one is completely ridiculous. Not only did Google screw up […] Read more »

This Is What a Road Bike Might Look Like, If There Were No Design Rules

People don’t often realize it, but the design of every high-end bicycle is shaped, one way or another, by the governing body of bike racing, the Union Cycliste Internationale. This is what bikes might look like if their rulebook didn’t exist. Read more… All articles Read more »

Do Giant Plumes of Saharan Dust Explain Why We’re Having Such a Quiet Storm Season?

NASA’s Terra satellite recently captured this stunning photo of Saharan dust wafting over the Atlantic ocean. It’s one of several outbreaks this summer that some speculate may be contributing to this year’s relatively peaceful storm season. Read more… All articles Read more »