Riot Games Esports Co-Head Talks ‘League of Legends’ 2017 World Championship

The world’s top competitive video gamers are facing off in China over the next few weeks for the League of Legends 2017 World Championship, one of the premier tournaments in the fast-growing world of esports. Hosted by Riot Games, the company that makes the popular League of Legends (LoL) online game, the tournament’s early rounds […] Read more »

5 people Tim Cook calls for advice on running the biggest company in the world

It’s only fitting that the leader of the biggest company in the world has a pretty impressive list of friends.  In an extended interview with the Washington Post, Apple’s top executive offered new insight into how he’s handled some of the bigger decisions he’s made in his five years as CEO. Among the revelations: a […] Read more »

The 10 Hottest Startup Ecosystems in the World

GUEST: Since SparkLabs Global Ventures launched 20 months ago, we have made 50 investments across five continents. We have six partners, based in Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and London, which gives us a unique viewpoint on what is trending in terms of technology and innovation across the globe. Last year, we began an […] Read more »

Q&A: What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat?

by 2nd Infantry Division Question by experienced: What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat? ONLY BACTERIA AND THEIR BACTERIAL SERVANTS WILL BE OFFENDED The two main BACTERIA ruling this world are ra and re. Since they are bacteria, they reproduce. We are inside the belly of these two main […] Read more »