Lost Faith That You'll Ever Be a Success? This is For You

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

You know the feeling.

Everything you try turns to dust. Or, worse, debt. 

You thought it was a good idea. It looked like it was working.

And then, well, something intervened. Or someone. 

Suddenly, you’re staring at having to explain another failure. 

Or what you think is a failure. Or, even worse, what other people think is a failure.

You want to scream. You want to rail at the fates, at your own decisions and at all the things you could have done differently.

Oh, I’ve described you too well?

I apologize. But I have something for you.

Watch this. All the way to the end. Don’t give up. Please.


How did that make you feel?

That your competitors are arrogant humans, who want to stomp over your every effort and then celebrate in your face?

That your co-workers would happily cheer your demise, because that’s just how they roll?

That there are times when you just stand there and hang your head, not knowing what else you’re supposed to do?

Or did it make realize that life makes no sense and success can be largely, very largely the product of stunning good fortune?

Did it make you want to get up tomorrow and still believe a little bit, just in case the orb spins your way for once?

I’m not one for mindless, self-help clappy-trappy ra-ra. 

I’ll never write My Fabulous Two-Minute Work Week nor The Secret Way To Overcome Every Obstacle Without Getting Out Of Bed. 

Nor even Macramé Management: How Knot To Be Successful.

But just look at that goalkeeper. The one who celebrated success just a little too soon.

And then be the player who took the penalty.

Life is even stranger than you think.


5 Brand New iOS 11 Features You'll Want to Try Out As Soon As Possible (Look Away, Android Fans)

Apple might be known for its devices–but the world arguably wouldn’t be the same without their innovative strides with the iPhone–but today, Apple shows off just how much it’s been looking at its program side with the official release of iOS 11. Although there are tons of features to enjoy, here are the best of the best to try out.

1. Do Not Disturb for safer driving

Based on vehicle movement or Bluetooth connections, iOS 11 automatically puts you in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while on the road. It can send an automatic reply if a message does come in so others know you can’t respond. I love the proactive approach and stance Apple is taking here on trying to put a stop to distracted driving and frankly, it could save lives.

2. Siri upgrades

Siri and I aren’t exactly at ‘bff status’ yet, but we’re getting there — she (or he, depending on your settings) has selective listening, which can be an aggravation at times. Needless to say, Apple has invested a lot into enhancing the overall Siri experience, including making her sound more like human speech. Siri also can now translate from English into several other languages and customize suggestion based on your device and app usage.

3. What’s up, Dock?

Sitting at the bottom of your screen, the new dock allows you to both launch and switch between apps and play with your windows. It’s much easier to work with more than one app at a time via Split View and Slide Over, and you can tweak what’s in the dock with simple drag and drop of apps and folders.

4. Camera bonuses

Looking to power up your Pokemon Go experience or just mess with your brain? On top of AR, the camera now has LED flash support, new filters, and can scan QR codes without a separate app.

5. Pay friends

Watch out, Venmo.

Owe a buddy $ 10 for pizza? Need to pay your rent to your roomie? Kid find their perfect outfit at the mall? Starting in the fall, Apple will link Apple Pay with Messages, so you can transfer money as you chat. It’s not out just yet, but it’s an incredibly smart move given that companies like Facebook include in-chat payment and digital banking is increasing in popularity. And don’t scoff, either — for all you millennials out there that swear by Venmo (like myself), this is about convenience and eliminating clicks/steps.

P.S. You can pay using Siri, too.

Needless to say, this is only the tip of the iceberg. For a full download on iOS 11’s capabilities, check out their comprehensive guide, here.