Cloud Hosting Platforms At it’s Best

There are many cloud hosting platforms which are very effective and attractive for cloud computing services on the market place of cloud hosting. Platforms are very important in cloud hosting services for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Platforms are very important in cloud computing systems because there is a dedicated model of business based on platforms i.e. Platform as a Service (PaaS). Platform as a service is most important model of cloud computing service models; this is very crucial for small and medium business operators.

There are certain reasons for the importance of this model of business. In this model of service the customer uses his/her own proprietary software for service provisioning but the infrastructure and operating platforms of providers are used. This model is very attractive for SMEs who always try to cut the OPEX and CAPEX cost and try to have reasonable profit on minimum investment.

PaaS architecture is best suited for enterprises because it provides liberty to full control on the proprietary software and application as well as the mission critical data and network security. Therefore PaaS is considered to be very natural for enterprise sectors and its partners. The architecture of PaaS service or business model will be very useful and highly attractive to the medium level and bigger organizations always.

There many cloud hosting platforms which are being used in cloud computing technologies; some of them are C-Panel which a Linux based great featured platform for cloud hosting application in different types of hosting. Azure is another very exciting platform developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating systems. It has equally great features and ease of use which makes this so attractive for the cloud computing companies.

Amazon is using EC2 platform which is also so attractive and there is also a great level of experience associated with this platform. ENOMALY Elastic Computing Platform or ECP is another highly spoken platform in the market place of cloud hosting platforms. Blue Cloud is developed by IBM for its public as well as private customers.

Sun Microsystems has developed Sun cloud hosting platforms for both of the customer segments i.e. private cloud as well as public cloud great power of Solaris operating systems. Google has developed an exciting platform named Google App-Engine. All of these platforms support their respective application development platform, database systems and operating systems.

Azure is supported by Windows and Vista; dot Net platform is properly supported for application development and SQL server is very useful at database management level. IBM and Sun Microsystems have developed two versions of cloud platforms, one for private cloud hosting platform for enterprises and large businesses and one is used for small business and domestic customer based public platform.

Cloud Hosting Platforms for Google

Cloud Hosting Platforms
Cloud Hosting Platforms

Google cloud hosting platforms have better effectively and used for public customers; App-Engine is very good and well featured public domain platform which is being vastly used by business partners of Google and Google itself. Apple is developing its high profile platform which supports the mobile devices like smart phone and tablets.

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