Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting – The Benefits And Advantages

There are many benefits of cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting; some of them are very instant and exciting while others are long term benefits which pay in long run.  The concept of cloud computing is very old one and there were many services in older times too, when we used those service on the internet.

Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting
Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

We have been benefiting from these exciting services of cloud hosting since long. But, cloud hosting is being transformed as a well-organized form of business nowadays. This usage of the services was never covered under the topic of cloud computing systems properly but now days hundreds of services are being operated under the umbrella of cloud computing services and lot of more are about to be started in very near future.

Key benefits of cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting are efficient usage of the resources and saving of huge costs. Dedicated hosting is so costly and is very less efficient and always remains underutilized which causes wastage of resources and money. Few of such benefits of cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting are given below:

  • The cost of the cloud hosting is very reasonable as compare to the cost of private cloud hosting. There is a great attraction for both entrepreneurs and small business clients.
  • Another salient feature of cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting is that it can be scaled on demand; you got many option for your selection.
  • You can plan your own payment plan; it may be monthly, quarterly or even yearly. You can also select your payment method based on ‘pay as you go’ too. This makes you the master of your financial activities.
  • Customer support is another very exciting feature, which allows you to reduce human resources cost by a huge amount. You do not need to hire any technical resource for proper operation and maintenance of the network. You just get support from the provider which is 24×7.
  • There are many types of services as per need like, you can use root access service or just simple web hosting service or you can develop your own application or you can use providers’ application; so there is a great flexibility of services.
  • Effective scalability is another important benefit for the customer; in which immediate and easy expansion as well as modification in the services and infrastructure is available.
  • Availability of many types of web services, platforms and technologies which can be benefited on cloud hosting.
  • Redundancy of the data and restoration of the lost data mechanism.
  • The virtual resources and pooling of the resources provide the high class efficiency and performance of available networks, software and servers.

Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

Cloud hosting has reduced the OPEX as well as CAPEX to such low level that dedicated hosting is slowly and gradually vanishing up; even those big corporate companies who possess dedicated hosting, are also trying to share their resources with other partner companies to reduce the cost and get the benefits of cloud hosting.


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