Cloud Hosting Services, Are They Really Popular And Good?

Cloud hosting services are being tagged as the future of information technology. There are many popular cloud hosting services which are being operated on the present market place; and there are many more which are being molded into business model for very near future.

Coud Hosting Services
Coud Hosting Services

Major business models of cloud computing business are distributed in three main categories; they are software as service (SAAS), Cloud computing platforms as service (PAAS) and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS). But these all three model of services very generic ones and covers a wide range of services at subcategory level.

In software as service, the services can be so many, like emailing services, data backup services, document backup, file uploading, file storage, data storage and many more small and large services etc. All of these types of services are part of software as services; in this type of services there is no need of any additional software on customer computer to run other than just service browser software. Such services can be used for both as small business services and as home user services. The example of such services are Amazon and Google; Amazon and Google provide many home user and small business services pertaining to documents sharing, entertainment, emailing, data farming etc.

Platform as a service is another very useful type of cloud computing services in which cloud computing platforms are used as the source of contract to the customer for its hosting business; all of the other applications used for hosting business are handled and developed by the customer itself. The middle customer who uses leased platform from platform service providers run their own hosting services on the platform and thus this many again include all of the hosting services which were described in the above paragraph of software as services.

These services many also be the voice over internet protocol managed services, web hosting services, data backup and training documents hosting etc. There is one more advanced and mission critical type of popular cloud computing services; that is called the infrastructure as services, this is suitable for those cloud hosting providers who provide their proprietary services to their cooperate and enterprise customers.

This service is used for those cloud hosting services which need extra expertise and professional looking after for smooth operation of the same. These service may include all types of web page hosting, telecom and entertainment website hosting, corporate data backups and communication servers, mission critical data backups and data dumps, gaming services and many more which need some additional technical expertise as well as additional professional maintenance.

Cloud Hosting Services

Therefore, cloud hosting services are a wide category, in which, many types of services can be incorporated which pertain to certain subclass of business and portfolio. General summary of cloud hosting services may include, gaming services, online business services, data backup services, web hosting services, emailing services, file storing services, document posting service, social networking services, blog services, product review services, technical training  and learning services, entertainment services, and social development service etc.

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